Friday, July 11, 2014

Back Bedroom: Pre-Paint Clean Up

Loyal reader, this is nothing that exciting, but sometimes it is fun to document the process.

Prepping for painting is sort of like taking a 20+ year old car in for state inspection (trust me).  You know its gonna to suck, and its also gonna be costly.

It's amazing how many light fixtures I have currently dangling off spliced romex in this house.  I'm going to purposefully not count them to maintain my chipper spirit.

Why is the largest radiator in the entire house in the 2nd smallest room?  Obviously the builders of this residence didn't take as many boring, horrible years of HVAC mechanical engineering courses.  I'll never get that tuition money back.

Door makeover still lookin sharp

Say what you will about this crappy, hot room... but the floors look gorgeous.

And, by nightfall, rosin paper on the floors and a fresh coat of joint compound around the windows, corners, and the intersection of the wall / baseboard around the entire room.  I also joint compounded the bathroom, not pictured.

It is unbelievably hot in here with the door closed so my daughter can sleep in the wee hours.  I should have taken up close photos of the sweat drips on the rosin

Next steps, more compound and fill the nail holes with MH ready patch.

It smells like a job site again.

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