Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dining a la Occupy

Future dining room table for the dining room room full of baby crap?  The preliminary designs are in:

To follow the lame city trend of all things "farmhouse"

The good thing about doing the over-done farmhouse table, is that I can basically just use a bunch of ripped down 2x6's and poly 'em.  What does that translate to? cheap.  Since I'm the last of the big spenders, it'll work for me.

"Trestle"-style legs

Now, the wife doesn't like the table legs.  Which sucks because that's what I spent all my time on with this design!   I have a love for all things complicated, what better way to help celebrate this unhealthy obsession than do a bunch of complicated joinery with some crappy wood?

Honestly, I want to make this out of super thick hardwood, like oak, chestnut or walnut.  But its just going to cost too much.  If I could come across a dumpster full of old framing lumber (in Philly, that's long leaf pine), I would glue them together and hand plane the top.   But, I'm just not out digging in the trash much these days.

A few nights in a dumpster sometimes leads to ten free round-trip flights, pre-occupy archives

Anyway, for you people who studied architecture... the elevations*:

The goal is to have a dining room table by summer's end.  Will it happen?  I think so.  Maybe if we count summer all the way to the official equinox.

* Faceless Asian woman not included.

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