Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Fixing the front window stool

I don't know why these things bother me, but they do.  Perfectionism may warrant a twelve step program.

Router tear out? Looks like it

Perhaps in my haste to redo the entire house in two months, the window stool may have been the recipient of a rush job.   In truth, I cut and scribed this thing in, out of a piece of 5/4, in probably 45 minutes.   In the last week of renovation during operation baby-countdown, I know this was on a long list of things to get "pushed" because the project was just going to fail.  However, I managed to pull yet another sleepless week out of thin air, and as a result... everything got done.  I remember this night in particular, because it was a Friday night and I got four (4) major things done in one evening after work...which I thought would take a full day (and a full work day on the Occupy site is, in fact, a full 24-hours. What's up with people thinking a work day is only eight?!)

Either way, I checked the archives and it looks like I don't have any photos proving that this was router tear out.  But it looks like it is.  I wouldn't be surprised considering the rush job and the condition of my very-well-used 3/8" round-over bit.  I used that bit on basically everything.

So, while the wife and baby were out of the house for the week, I went back into insanity (normal?) mode and blitzed the house for a few 24-hour periods in rapid succession.  While waiting for joint compound, primer, and/or paint to dry, I decided to go around the house and touch up a few things that needed a little TLC.  I figure while I have the can of spackle open, I might as well... you know... keep the can of spackle open.

It was worth it. After two coats of spackle, two sands, and two coats of paint... voila:

Goodbye router tear out!  The stool and casing reverts back to a profesh job.

Just look at those smooth curves and lustrous shine! Wait... this stool was messed up? I can't even tell where. I'm serious.

These are those rare moments when I actually feel like a "normal" person.  This is the type of "weekend project" that I imagine most homeowners do; in between like spending time with their families, having some leisure time, or just plain ol' enjoying life.

If only all home improvements were as easy and satisfying as this one.

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