Friday, July 25, 2014

Old News

I don't know if I have posted these before, but I found one in the ceiling of the living room and I'm not sure where I found the other.  But either way, its a great way of dating a renovation. Its only fair to continue the tradition.

Both are from June of 1977, when a major renovation, ahem, dirty "renovation" took place at the site.  And by "renovation" I mean: installation of drop ceilings and wall paper on every other surface in the house.  I'm pretty sure that's when the dreadful hardwood floors were "refreshed" with beautiful, lustrous shag carpets as well.  Pure genius.

I don't have much to say about front page sidebars... obviously, its still an issue with these guys.

Although I don't have an entire newspaper, I found pieces of a paper from 1954 which I found packed around the front window, but nothing worth keeping.  However, I did all that casing around the window and its now all jamb extensions for a more elaborate casing. Thus, that paper is still in the wall in its balled up form.

Anyway, I love this tradition.

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