Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pancakes for one, part II


Well, pancakes for one are always depressing.  Especially when the last post about this was in May.

Here's the problem:  Trying to surface mount a pancake box, then trying to sink that box into the fixture shroud is basically impossible.  I guess it technically is possible, but most of the time it just doesn't work.

<deep thought>
You know, I could borrow a chipping gun and try to chip a perfect 1/2" deep, 4" diameter circle into the bricks on the front of my house...  
</deep thought>

Now, do you see why I'm complaining?

Well, what's the solution?

How about a "placard" that catches this fixture, surface mounted on to the bricks?  Make it look intentional and who knows:  maybe no one will even notice?

OK-- let's grab some environmentally friendly AZEK and so some layout.

Hey.. I guess.
Let's pull the router out while there's still a few minutes of daylight left in the day (and right before its about to rain) and try to cut a 1/2" deep circle into the AZEK.  Hopefully this won't wake Penney up.  This will sink our pancake box and allow the shroud of the lighting fixture to rest on our new "placard".

Free hand circle

OK wise guy, its not perfect but I'm on my knees on the concrete out here on a rush job

You know, that doesn't look half bad.

Royal flush

OK.  Let's pick an angle on the miter saw and just stick to it.  Cut all four corners off to make an elliptical-type octagonal shape.

But let's not stop there.  Re-chuck up the router.  Out come my favorite: the ogee bit.

I'm lucky my ogee bit still cuts anything at all.  I use this thing like there's no tomorrow.

Here it is in elevation

One more glamour shot.

It ain't the best, but it certainly ain't the worst.  Let's continue down Glamour Boulevard here and grab a can of black spray paint.  Classy.

To be continued.

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