Friday, October 3, 2014

Off Site Doors

Now, this isn't on the Occupy site, but this is just a neat aspect of major renovation I am working on at a friends place.

These were originally exterior doors in a different location in the house. I have no idea how old they are.  This particular house dates back to around 1830.  I don't think they are original... but they are pretty old.  I'd say they can't be newer than 1930s because they appear to be made of long leaf pine.

We had the windows reglazed, but then I was left with two very tall (almost 8') and very skinny doors to build a jamb for inside some wonky plaster walls. Fun!  Jambing out a door and cutting hinges for 100 year old doors (that are clearly bowed) is not exactly easy.  Particularly in this case, because the two warped doors need to match up and latch

Anyway, they turned out pretty nice.  No binding, No problems.

Well worn paint which will give a shabby-chic look

Your admin in action

Doors close.  I made it a 1/16" gap between since they were already very well worn.  They wound up fitting perfectly with no binding

Hardware shot

Voila.  I may not be "Johnny Doors" from west of Broad Street (I'm not joking.. there really is a guy named "Johnny Doors" that does doors), but I bet I can give him a run for his money.

Now, I just need to build those twelve (12) doors for base cabinets of my living room built in.

I wonder if Johnny Doors is looking for work?

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