Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Muck My Life.

Loyal reader,

I have so many back posts to do. I aim to get back into the flow while writing this post.

So, last week, as my daughter's 1st birthday party was just starting, my recently renovated back bedroom had water cascading down from the ceiling and above the building.  Since it was a bit of a panic moment, please forgive the lack of picture documentation.

It was a strange 40+ degree day in the midst of a lot of snow and ice over the past few weeks.  Thus we had a rapid melt.  I could only assume that I was getting a ton of standing water on my somewhat sketchy roof.

Anyway, I was able to get up to the icy roof via an extremely scary ladder on my neighbor's house and walk over.  I brought up a shovel and broom and cleared most of the roof... at the back half of the roof since it was the problem.

The good news: I stopped the water pouring into the house
The bad news: I missed half of my 1-year-old's birthday party.

From what I can tell (and I knew this four years ago when I patched the perimeter of roof and white coated it), the roof isn't pitched right in the back most corner of the house.  The result is some standing water over some not-so-well done seams.  It sucks, because I basically need to re-pitch the roof in that area.  In short, I need a new roof.

I'm managed to punt this one for about 5 years now, so I guess I have no room to complain.

We had terrible weather for a week, but yesterday I was able to get up there to try to diagnose and muck and fabric some of the suspicious areas.  It wasn't great weather for roof work, as it was about 25 degrees.. but that is pretty warm lately.  I really have no choice.

Time to gear up for a roof day

The uniroofer, pre-manifesto era.  Free estimates for Oklahoma City only.

So, I stopped at my local roofing supply store and got two out of three roofer essentials.  Muck and fabric.  I decided to pass on the methamphetamines.

I actually don't even know what "muck" is.  I'm pretty sure its plastic roofing cement.  But, I'm definitely sure that the contents of the can are known in the state of California to cause cancer and birth defects.

Here's where the story gets weird and not even worth explaining.  My neighbor, without even asking me, went up on my roof last wednesday and mucked two of the seems in the back of the house with some muck that he stole from his boss last week.  He's a bit of a hustler and was obviously looking for a buck or two.  Unfortunately, he's not aware that's its customary to ask a person before you climb up on their roof and make permanent alterations to your house.  I could fill up at least two volumes about why I wish this person would vaporize from planet Earth; but, in the end, its not going to get him to disappear... so I'm not going to bother.

Anyway, here is his shotty work:

A+ roof job.

I guess its not typical in his industry to muck, fabric and then muck again... oh wait, yes it is.  He must not have gotten his full dose of meth that morning. I should be kinder.

As you can see, I have a bit of standing water/ice on the roof  (not nearly as bad as the ice skating rink I had last week).  The problem with this roof is that the back of the house doesn't have a consistent enough pitch to push water to the drain

East side

Looking north, along east party wall.

Looking north, along west party wall.

Looking south toward trouble spot in the back.

You can see the brown spots are where standing water has removed the white coat I put on about 4 years ago.

Some views, not really that great.

My access point:

That's a safe footing.. now I know why they use so much meth.

This is DEFINITELY a trouble spot along this seem.  Notice the faded grey spot where I get standing water right along the seam.  The drain is just to the upper right of that chimney thing (you can see my neighbors drain in the exact same spot right across the alley)

Below are some shots of the muck/fabric job I did 4.5 years ago before I white coated the roof.  My internet research says muck+fabric patches will last maybe six months; however, mine all look in great shape after 4+ years.

The drain.
To the left of the pillar before the drain there are some roof cracks that have water oozing out when I press.  I better hit this hard with the muck.

Well, its like twenty degrees and I already hauled this shit up here. I might as well redo the entire perimeter of the back of the house.  All of that area is currently a sustpeck.

A true craftsman.

Might as well empty the can on my really sketchy looking chimney.

Its sort of like frosting a cake. If you like your cake black and carcinogenic.

Oh awesome.  Some trash my awful neighbor left on top of my roof.  Let me just haul this garbage back onto his roof! 

Not bad for a days work.  Let's look back at our job.

Seams in the distance, twelve o'clock.

Small patches, for documentation sake.  This is in the small gap between my house and my neighbor's house

This is sort of above my bathroom.

The drain areas, mucked up.

Muck + Fabric = Terrible way to spend a Saturday in February.

If you look close, you can see the fabric. Its like mudding and taping sheetrock. One of my other most favorite activities

Here are the shots I intend to send to Fine Homebuilding magazine.

Beat that, Taunton Press.

Portfolio shot.


My roof is 100% mucked.

Well, its Tuesday now and the roof is officially enduring its 2nd rain and sleet storm in the last 48 hours.  I'm actually typing from the leaking room, and the muck job seems to be holding.

Let's hope this roof survives this winter.  In order to regain that pitch I need in the back of the house, I may be looking and tearing off the entire roof this summer.

2015 rules.

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