Thursday, March 5, 2015

Tub Area Leak

This is a back post from about two months ago, but in the interest of leak documentation...

Around midnight, I was in the kitchen washing dishes when I starting hearing some pitter-pattering behind me.  I thought it was some of our seasonal basement housemates (roaches), but I turned quickly and found no intruders on the walls or floors.

I kept staring and then I noticed that was lightly raining inside the house! Awesome.

Dorothy was upstairs running the shower for a little bit (to get it warm), so I ran up and urgently whispered "turn off the water!!"

Wet spot on joist, dead center
Good thing I've kept the ceiling of the kitchen open for the past four years! (My mind is a crossroads for laziness and impending doom... these avenues seem to intersect frequently).  At long last, my approach to life pays off.

Well, I wouldn't exactly call this a "pay off".  Maybe "pay back" for indiscretions in my past life.

Fortunately, I spend every evening giving my daughter a bath and was noticing the re-emergence of rotting caulk under the inset soap dish. I've scraped and re-caulked this tub like three times, but the tiles seem to be absorbing water up high somewhere.

Going into detective mode, I noticed that the shower head was pointed directly at the soap dish while being unattended for about five minutes.  It's definitely the soap dish.

Joists below tub in top notch condition, water surrounding a horrible spike knot, and dripping from romex.  Lovely.

Taking a picture down the far side of the tub through the access panel, confirms that the leak indeed originates approximately where the soap dish is located.

Thus, the next day, I scraped and re-caulked for maybe the third or fourth time.  This time, I also caulked and/or grouted any other suspicious gaps and took extra care with any grout joints around the soap dish.

Two months later, still no leaks.  I'll just have to keep an eye on this one.

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