Saturday, December 26, 2015

Walnut Bench, New Leg Design

The bench has some rustic legs, which are mortised in via peg joint.  Even with glue, these have failed to keep up with consistent toddler and contractor abuse.  I have decided to try another leg system.  I'm also going to give it a slightly more modern look.

I am not sure where I have seen this style leg first, but I definitely noticed it before.  I client I am currently working for actually has a somewhat similar leg style on end-of-bed bench in his house.  I had this idea for a while, but since he just moved in on Monday and I saw the bench, I put my speed square to the legs and saw the 9 degrees and it looked like it would work for me as well.

Anyway, I just sketched this.  Feel free to critique.  At my speed, you probably have a lot of time to voice your opinion, since nothing I do gets done to quickly nowadays!

I plan to pocket screw everything so that all fasteners are hidden.  Will these legs be strong enough? Only time will tell.  I'll just build it and see what happens.   Hopefully all that time I wasted in school for engineering will come in handy for once.  But probably not.

Here goes:
More modern? Maybe.  The style seems overdone, but I'm fresh out of ideas here.  I'm sure if I build this, and leave it my house for the next five years or so, at least one person will say something about it once.  But probably not.

That's how it will look. Here's an exploded view for when I start making the cuts.  I've done all the work for  you.. now you can build one yourself, if you so desire.

That's all for now. Happy Holidays, loyal reader.

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