Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Walnut Bench, New Legs (part 2)


Remember the design fro the other day?

I headed down to the basement at night and quickly made a few cuts.  Also pulled out the Keeg jig.

I put these together in probably about an hour.  They look pretty good.  Sketchup still works.  It's been a while but it shines through as always... Without the hefty cost of AutoCAD.

Anyway, here is a quick mock up to see how it will look.

Next up is paint.  I think I am going to do black like my sketchup drawing. I really wanted to make these out do metal, but my welding days sort of stopped when I left college.  Anyway, black will make these disappear while giving a homage to metal with the color.  Stay tuned.

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