Monday, January 11, 2016

Dryer, Part 3: Admitting Defeat

Loyal reader,

It has been about a year since I have revisited this one.  And, that's not just blogger time either.  In real life time, my dryer has been sitting on its side, gutted, on my basement floor.

For your amusement, please take a look in the archives to follow the trajectory of failure.

I always thought line drying clothes was the right thing to do, both economically and environmentally, nothing really beats it.  I grew up line drying clothes.  I consider myself the last of a dying bread, a rare combination of environmentalist and cheapskate.  But if you really follow the real pathology of money:

Inefficient use money -> misuse of resources -> pollution and waste

Thus, the real concern was only the environment.  Or so I tell myself.

However, my interest in owning a dryer has changed.  I keep having thoughts like these pushing me to the edge:

1) The basement is a scene from Hellraiser, with a million articles of clothes hanging from the basement ceiling.

Occupy archives

2) The few loads of laundry that we do per week has to release about 10-15 lbs of water into our basement weekly, and there are enough water issues here.

3) I have a dirty job and not enough clothing to cover a week.  Since line drying takes about 2 days, I have to rigidly schedule my clothes washings.  Even with an armed forces-level schedule, I still go to work every Thursday wearing wet pants (which always sucks, but really sucks in January).

4) I no longer wash clothes or wear dark clothes because they are permanently covered in lint

5) When I pull the clothes from the clothes line and watch a blizzard of dust rain down off of every article of clothing for my toddler daughter, it makes me want to call child services on myself for neglect and/or abuse.

Thus, I decided to buy a dryer.  It's not as easy as walking into a home store and picking out something and having it delivered.  Your small sized dryer (in modern times) is 27" or larger on the smallest dimension.  I have a basement opening of about 25 3/4" (if I take off some moldings), so I had to look into getting a knock down dryer that could be built up inside my basement.  

Speed Queen is the brand that delivered and I had a local appliance dealer deliver it last week.  They even hooked up my dryer cord to the outlet I wired and the vent that I ducted.  So this is what it is like to be a normal homeowner?  Not bad.

Two beauties

It works amazingly.  On a side note, my friend Mat and I carried out my old dryer and a scrapper had it in minutes.  I flagged him down and loaded him up with a bunch of scrap metal I have had on my back slab for over two years.  What a great day.  God bless scrappers.  Always nice and helpful dudes, and serious proponents of recycling.  


  1. 7) My wife REALLY wants a dryer.

  2. 7) My wife REALLY wants a dryer.

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