Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Low Voltage Wiring, Built In (Part 2)

Loyal reader,

Recall the proposed layout for the audio system in the built in.

Now, with the components in mind, let's examine the current situation with the closest power source and low voltage wire access points.

Thus, with the turntable above the counter and the receiver below the counter, I need to connect the two with RCA cables (low voltage).  Conversely, I need to connect the stereo receiver to real power, which is only available on the shelf below, or right above the counter (yellow).   I could bore a hole through the lower shelf (not in view), but I don't really want to and it doesn't resolve the RCA problem.  Therefore, boring through the counter top will solve both problems.

I know people can really get into styles and sizes for desk grommets, but I really didn't have too much patience (or disposable income) for leafing through all the options.  I stopped over at homey d after work and picked up the only size they had, 2" black.

Fire up the hole saw, and carefully drill through top and bottom 

Not bad.

Slide in cheap plastic grommet.

Now, put in all the stereo components in and pretend like pushing the wires into the backs of the speakers, turntable, and receiver is the actual hard part of the project.  Ah, to be a normal homeowner...

Works good.  The new turntable does act up a bit, but our records have take a bit of a beating with stuff being in storage for a while and having a jobsite house for like 4 years.   Oh well.

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