Saturday, January 2, 2016

Roofer diaries: failed white coat inspection.

Two days after a holiday muck, fabric and white coat extravaganza, I didn't even need to get to the top of the ladder to have the dark cloud of failure settle in above my head.

White coat cracking around mucked and fabric areas

I guess I can just say "I told you so" to myself and get over it.  I asked the guy at the roofing supply how long it would take for the black muck to set up before I could white coat it.   He said "a couple of hours".

Now, I certainly didn't trust that he actually knew the answer, So I tried to read the product literature on the can.  The can had:

1) No posted temperature range for successful application of product
2) No drying time
3) No re-coat time

Basically, it had no nothing.  I did the patching the morning, then went for lunch and to the local hardware store. I figure that would be an appropriate couple of hours before rolling out the white coat.

I was still suspicious that the nasty, toxic, carcinogenic, petroleum distillate-laden muck would be off-gassing in a way that would not allow for sufficient curing.  Especially on December 31st.

But, I decided to trust the roofing guy's experience since it was convenient for me while being pinched with my own free time and weather.  Unfortunately, I forgot that the only real credentials to be a roofer is prior methamphetamine habit, so I suppose I should have taken the advice with a grain of salt.

Rear chimney

Back bedroom, perimeter

Around drain

Main chimney

The muck is still gooey underneath the cracked white coat.  I guess it need a week or so to fully cure.  At least, in my experience last February, I believe that is the amount of time between roof visits that I can remember.

I suppose the next move is to keep checking on it over the next month and see when the muck is a little more solid.  I have a few things working against me though at this stage of the blunder:

1) Now that I have white coated the black muck in, its going to take longer to cure then if it was in the open air
2) Cold weather is here.
3) Dark early weather is here
4) Once I get back into the miserable cycle of work/sleep/repeat, I don't know when I will have much time to get up there.  Furthermore, that time on a weekend (both Saturday and Sunday) will need to coincide with hopefully 40 degeree+ weather for that weekend and a few days afterwords for the white coat to dry.
5) I am going to have to buy some of the softer white muck that works better with the energy star white coat, in order to smooth all those cracks out.  I know that the white muck works well (same brand) with the white coat, and can be applied immediately afterwords.

Thus, as my week-long-vacation-from-my-day-job-by-breaking-my-back-working-around-the-clock-on-my-own-house comes to a close, I have a few successes.  But, those successes are coupled with a a fair share of crippling failures.

On the bright side (literally), the field area looks great.  Thus, I suppose it was not a complete waste of yet another holiday.

View towards front.

View towards back.

Happy New Year, Loyal Reader.  My New Years resolution of staying off my roof in 2016 is a cruel and ugly joke, killed in its infancy.

Here lies the Occupy New Years Resolution
1/1/2016 - 1/2/2016

Maybe 2017 will be better.

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