Friday, January 1, 2016

Roofer diaries: muck, fabric, and white coat.

New Year's Eve.  What better way to celebrate then to go on top of your roof with a couple gallons of muck, and some elastomeric white coat?

Muck my life part two. Feels like two thousand.

I still get some water issues above and below the window in the back bedroom.  There was a time when I got more water issues, but I think I remediated that problem last February.  I think.  I don't know for sure, but one way to feel a little more confident is to give the rood a thorough inspection for any penetrations.  And then follow up with some muck, fabric, and a healthy coating of energy star white coat.  

Those are the best photos I have for the roof's current condition.  Above, you will see some new and old muck.  The perimeter muck I just did today, while the horizontal stripes I did back in February 2015.   Overall. The white coat is not in bad shape really.  It's premature to recoat it at 5.5 years; however, the product only claims 7 years and I really just want to protect the trouble areas that I have mucked and mucked again and again.

Thus, let's just roll the whole roof!  It's not like I don't have anything better to do like look for a job or spend time with my family over the holiday!

Ok, let's get to work.   We will start by cleaning the entire roof.  Then we muck and fabric over the "trouble" spots.

Old vs new muck above

Now, haul the white coat up.

Let's roll.

Oh, there actually is a difference between the old and new white coat (same exact stuff).

Pre coat some of the muck patches.  Of course p, the commercial grade stuff says nothing about drying times of temperatures at which it should be applied.  Thanks muck company!

There is a certain point when taking pictures is just annoying, pointless, and dangerous as you try to close youself off the roof.  So this the best I could do given my mood on a full day of roofing.  

I will go up tomorrow and see if a 2nd coat is necessary.  Hopefully this is good enough considering the roof was in good enough shape overall.

Thanks to my friend Mat coming over for moral support.  

Happy New Year.

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